Become an Expert Writer

We are actively recruiting Expert Writers to submit valuable and meaningful content for the tens of thousands of women accessing the SmartWoman mobile app.

SmartWoman is available in:
English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic

We accept blog posts, articles or reflections on the following topics:

  • Business / Entrepreneurship
  • Career Central
  • Leadership
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Relationships
  • Family and Parenting
  • Inspiration
  • Lifestyle/Culture
  • Health
  • Money Matters
  • Global Voices

How do you benefit?

SmartWoman gives you the opportunity to expose your point view, and expand your knowledge to a global audience of women who will interact with your content. You get to exchange opinions, see how they are reacting to your thoughts and engage in valuable conversations. You will have your own “Expert Profile” with direct links to your social media connections, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and your web site.

About the audience

SmartWoman is targeted at women between 18 and 40 years old; business women either just entering the work force, or career professionals looking to improve their lives. The content focus is also for entrepreneurs, women interested in health, financial management, how to balance family/work life and leadership skills. They are also interested in connecting with each other to better understand the challenges that all women face throughout the world.

Who supports SmartWoman?

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is an “Official Partner and Supporting Agency” of The SmartWoman Project. The ITU is a United Nations agency specializing in information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Download the following documents to learn about the requirements and guidelines for contributing content to the SmartWoman platform:

pdf.thumbnailEditorial Framework: Explains the overall management of the platform and the role of all Editors associated with it.

pdf.thumbnailExpert Writer Guidelines: Provides a general overview of the writing and style requirements to publish content.

pdf.thumbnailExpert Writer Application: Complete this application if you are interested in sharing your content via SmartWoman.

pdf.thumbnailStep by Step Guide: An easy navigation guide through the SmartWoman app. We provide a detailed description with screenshots of each functionality and how to use all SmartWoman features.