• Become a part of the first mobile movement dedicated to women helping women globally.
  • Women in developing countries receive valuable content to manage their lives.
  • The gift of knowledge in the palm of their hand.
  • Women helping, supporting each other for change.
  • Become a SmartWoman and create a movement.

Connect. Share. Empower.™

The SmartWoman Project is a mobile magazine to help women across the world access valuable information to become more empowered, engaged and self-reliant. Pre-Register for the SmartWoman app.

SmartWoman provides women a mobile business networking community to them build a better and more productive life. By connecting with other women you will change their lives forever. Read more...

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How Does It Work?

First, download a version of the SmartWoman app from this web site for a subscription fee.

Second, receive access to valuable content that will help YOU manage your life better, with experts, blogs and a spectrum of advice designed just for women! Read more...

Why Become SmartWoman?

To be part of a global community of women who are helping each other by receiving valuable information, expert advice and connectivity with women part of the SmartWoman community—all over the world.

Connect To Change Lives.

How Does it Help?

Consider SmartWoman the “Facebook for Women” by connecting them to each other in a private, secure site enabling them to share experiences, support each other and find ways to work together to build a better world for themselves, their community and their families. Read more...

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