• Become a part of the first mobile movement dedicated to women helping women globally.
  • Women in developing countries receive valuable content to manage their lives.
  • The gift of knowledge in the palm of their hand.
  • Women helping, supporting each other for change.
  • Become a SmartWoman and create a movement.

Connect. Share. Empower.™

The SmartWoman Project is a mobile community of women across the world accessing valuable expert information to help them become more empowered, engaged and self-reliant. Pre-Register for the SmartWomanTM app.

SmartWomanTM gives women direct contact with like-minded women to share experiences and build confidence to live a more engaged life. Read more...

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How Does It Work?

First, download the SmartWomanTM app from the App stores.

Second, receive daily expert content that will help YOU manage your life better, and connect with other women to share experiences along with advice designed just for women! Read more...

Why Become a SmartWoman?

To be part of a unique global community of women helping each other through sharing information and experiences that create jobs, career development, economic independence and self-empowerment.

Connect To Change Lives.

How Does it Help?

SmartWomanTM is considered the “Facebook for Women” – connecting them to each other in a private, secure site giving them a one-of-a-kind communication platform that is part educational, part social networking and part social impact. Read more...

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